Friday, April 1, 2011

Kids Say

You all know how pathetic I've felt in regards to my writing the past couple months. Well, I'm on my way home from visiting my mom and Christian is almost asleep in the front seat. I ask him, what would be a good story for me to write. This perks him right up. He loves the thought of helping.

His first suggestion was to write a story about the future. What would it be like. Then he suggested I write a story about my life. I asked him what is so interesting about my life that people would want to read it and he said, "oh yeah, nevermind."

That makes me feel peachy! :)

So then I tell him that my stories are more about falling in love so what is an interesting way for two people to fall in love. The following is the general exchange that took place in our conversation.

Christian: "They could meet at a restaurant but not know that they are meeting there."

Me: "What does he say to her to make her fall in love with him?"

Christian: "He asks her how she is doing. But she doesn't like him at first so he has to take her on a second date."

Me: "Where do they go on their second date?"

Christian: "He takes her to meet his family," said as if it is the most obvious answer in the world.

Me: "He takes her to meet his family on a second date? You don't think that will be scary for her meeting all those new people?"

Christian: "No, she likes his family. His parents like her too. He has a brother and two sisters. The brother is jealous because he likes her a lot."

Me: "What is the inciting event? What breaks up the man and the woman or what problem do they have being together?"

Christian: "Hmm, I think that she goes back to the restaurant to for their next date but is mad because he's not there but his brother is there so he has dinner with her instead and she kinda falls in love with him because he's there."

Me: "So she leaves him and falls in love with his brother? That seems kinda mean. How does his brother and his parents feel knowing that he stole his brother's girlfriend?"

Christian: "His parents are mad but it's like she doesn't see them so she doesn't really know."

Me: "Does she get back together with the first brother in the end?"

Christian: "No, I don't think she loves either one of them."

Me: "Why?"

Christian: "Because she goes on a date with the second brother and he tries to order her something on the menu like fish but she doesn't want the fish and he is only ordering it because it's the cheapest thing. But then he orders the most expensive thing for himself and she doesn't like that he's so cheap so she leaves him at the restaurant and says she's going to the bathroom but really she just walks home."

Hmmmmmmm .... I don't know if I can come up with something out of all that, but it's nice to know I have a brainstorm buddy if I need one. :)